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  • Life & Science Magazine

    Childhood Cancer Issue

    While it’s the No. 1 cause of death by disease among children, cancer is still very rare. Less than 1 percent of cancer diagnoses are in people younger than 18. Yet for those diagnosed, and the people who dedicate careers to care for them, challenges remain. This issue of Life & Science magazine examines some of the unique challenges of childhood cancer and the ways in which Bristol Myers Squibb supports young oncology patients.

    Volume 4 | April 25, 2018

    Global Hope


    Bringing Hope Where There Was Little

    Global HOPE is a Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation-sponsored initiative in southern and east Africa.

    Tiffany, age 21, lives a full life despite treatments for cancer as adolescent.

    Supporting Children with Cancer?

    Helping childhood cancer survivors is just as challenging and as important as advancing the research in pediatric oncology.
    SXSW 2018

    Hacking Childhood Cancer: Creating Support Systems

    Healthcare innovators tackle how to improve the experience of children fighting for a healthy future.

    Staying in Touch

    The robot known as VIK-e allows children to stay connected with their family and classmates rather than isolated during treatment.

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